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Jessica Frangione

Jessica Frangione

Licensed Birth Doula, CD (DONA)

From a young age, I had a great desire to serve, teach, and nurture others. After graduating from Eastern Washington University with a degree in Elementary Education, I taught Kindergarten for three years and loved every minute of it! Working with parents and children will always hold a special place in my heart. If it hadn’t been for the birth of my first little one, I’d probably still be teaching!

As a young woman, I witnessed several births and was overwhelmed with the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth. After having my own, I became passionate about helping other mothers through this extraordinary time. I love supporting mothers and fathers, so they can learn and confidently make informed decisions.

My husband and I now have two beautiful children. I have served as a Birth Doula for over four years and have had the privilege of attending over 40 births. I absolutely love that I can be both a doula and mommy!

It is such an honor to be welcomed into the birth room and share in the experience of life coming into this wondrous world.

What is included in my fee:

  • Two prenatal visits to discuss your preferences and assist with creating a birth plan
  • Unlimited phone calls and E-mails
  • Access to information through a lending library
  • Resources and referrals for many different needs
  • Emotional and physical support during labor, birth, and immediately following
  • Physical comfort techniques such as a birth ball, counter pressure, rebozo, etc.
  • On call 24/7 after 38 weeks gestation (subject to flexibility if needed)
  • A back-up doula in the event I am unable to attend your birth due to an emergency
  • Assistance in establishing initial breastfeeding
  • Postpartum visit 1-2 weeks following the birth

It is my goal to help mothers and their partners have a wonderful birth experience! I abide by DONA’s standards of practice and code of ethics which can be found here

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  • I volunteer my services to teens
    (17 & under) free of charge

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“First time father here..."

“First-time father here. As a dude, and someone with basically zero-knowledge/experience of pregnancy or babies, the journey to becoming a dad was exciting, stressful, fulfilling, and at times kinda scary.

There are a ton of unknowns, some of which I was at least sort of aware of, and some of which I had no idea were even a thing until it came up. Having a doula appealed to both my wife and I, as it was one more person that we could ask questions and get advice from, and Jessica made it clear from our first meeting with her that she would be a part of our team, not the hospital’s or doctor’s. Our medical professionals were all great at what they did, but they often had different ideas on the seriousness of some challenges we faced, and at times it was hard to feel like we got a straight answer from them.

Jessica was a great resource for both information on our upcoming birth, and good questions to ask our providers that we hadn’t thought of ourselves. She came out to our home multiple times, and didn’t bat an eye at the fact that we live quite a ways outside of city limits. She helped us plan our whole birthing experience, from pre-packing and preparation, to labor and beyond, and even came out and visited us after the fact to make sure we were doing well with postpartum. From the father-to-be side of things, it was great having someone to help us decide what to bring, when labor is serious enough to actually head in to the hospital, and if an issue is actually worth worrying over or simply a minor hang-up.

The morning my wife started labor, if I had been making these choices uninformed, we would have gone in hours too early, with over half of the house jammed into our bags, and blood pressure that would rival a fire hose. Instead, Jessica came out in the morning, spent several hours with us, and kept us (mostly me) calm and collected. Because of her, we had just a few bags with everything we needed, and when we arrived the staff said my wife was at a great point in labor to come in. The remainder of our labor at the hospital passed smoothly and largely stress-free, thanks to the various positions and wraps that Jessica provided to ease this time, and she kept us both engaged, which really helped me to feel like a part of the process and not just an awkward bystander. Perhaps the thing that stands out most in my mind though, was towards the very end when our little girl was ready to come out. My wife was exhausted from laboring all day, and as the time to push came, she was momentarily overwhelmed from the pain and exertion (she chose to go drug free) and we hit a “wall”. It was so hard to see her hurting and feel like I couldn’t help, but Jessica was right there with a smile and words of encouragement. She got us through that last hurdle, and we welcomed our little girl into the world minutes later.

Jessica stayed with us for over an hour after the delivery, made sure we had all the things and comforts that we could want, and even took some great pictures of us right afterwards holding our baby for the first time. Because of Jessica’s knowledge and expertise, my wife had the mental preparation and encouragement to have the drug-free birth that she wanted, and I had the peace of mind throughout the labor and delivery that everything was going well. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for doula services, as she is a huge help to both future moms and future dads alike. Thanks again, Jessica!”


"Honestly, I had no idea what a doula was..."

“Honestly, I had no idea what a doula was before I was talking to a friend, who highly recommended I find myself one. I am SO thankful I did find Jessica. This was my first time having a baby. I was so unsure of what was going to happen during the whole process. She helped me before labor, calmed my nerves and answered all of my questions. My whole labor experience was completely different than what I expected. I had unexpected complications; however, Jessica was there with my husband and I every step of the way. She was an amazing resource and source of support during this trying time, and I will continue to recommend that every pregnant mother in this area have her with them during this process. I am so thankful that I reached out to her and had her with us this whole time, and even after my little guy was born.”

~ M. H

"From the moment we hired Jessica to be our doula the fear..."

“From the moment we hired Jessica to be our doula the fear of giving birth again was gone! My first experience was scary! I have a hard time putting into words how comforting and supportive she was to my husband and I the day my child was born. Jessica was beside me the entire time and helped me to stay clam and in control and I was able to have the birth that I wanted which was un-medicated, empowered and fearless! (She even snapped a few priceless photos of my labor and after delivery!) After the baby had arrived and everything had calmed down my husband said “I am so glad Jessica was there she was amazing!” After my baby was born she checked in with me a few days later and even helped to hook me up with a lactation consultant. She also helped me endlessly during the early days of nursing. I believe that every women should have a doula regardless of their birth plan, because the support of a doula is priceless!”


"I experienced nearly everything I had hoped to avoid..."

“I experienced nearly everything I had hoped to avoid in my labor and delivery, but I am so grateful Jessica was there for every twist in the road. She offered helpful suggestions for dealing with painful contractions of an induced labor, held my hand and reminded me how to breathe my baby down, and provided the best low back and body rubs! When I ultimately needed a c-section she supported me through the surgery… I truly don’t know what I would have done without her there. I view my daughter’s birth as a success in part because of all the support I received from her experience and wisdom. There is no better doula to have in your corner whether things go smoothly, or you face obstacles giving birth.”

 ~ J.J.

"I know I have said thank you, however..."

Jessica, I know I have said thank you, however it doesn’t touch how I feel about all your help. From the very start of my pregnancy knowing you had my back, for questions and for the big day, there was a huge weight lifted. You helped me understand what was going on and took some of the guilt I had been feeling away. We had to turn the baby and the version was less scary with you there. You held my hand and let others know not to touch me…. That was so needed. I know your help was what got me through. You did all the work with massage trying different positions and keeping me calm. I know it sounds strange but helping me take a bath was wonderful!! I know my hubby would have helped but I didn’t want him to see me like that (silly I know). After the birth, my mom told me she loved having you there because you were a professional and truly helped. She said not having to try and think of ways to help me, other than being my mom, was amazing!! My husband was able to stay with Afton after she was born and never left her side. He knew I wasn’t alone because of you and he could care for her. She was never without a parent. Knowing she was with him and having you with me made all the difference. You were my saving grace not just for me but my hubby, mother and I feel my doctor as well. THANK YOU!

"Jessica was there for the home birth of my first child and..."

“Jessica was there for the home birth of my first child and daughter. She wasn’t a doula at the time, she was just a close and valued friend. I knew she would be a great support in the midst of my nervousness to give birth for the first time. She stayed by me, offering ways to distract me from the growing contractions, like putting on my favorite tv show we were watching at the time, and suggested different positions to get more comfortable as I was getting ready for those big pushes. I was being indecisive about staying in the pool or moving to the bed. She worked with my midwife to keep me calm and encouraged and I have the best memories of her being there to welcome my daughter into the world.”


"Jessica had a calming presence and trusted..."

“Jessica had a calming presence and trusted me to birth as I intended.”


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